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* Help you keep up to date with all of your World of Warcraft add-ons. * Scan your add-ons folder and display any relevant updates. * Automatically updates any add-ons that you have installed. * Supports script files included in add-ons for automated updating. * Manage all installed add-ons with ease. * Support back-ups for add-ons, so you can always go back if needed. * Support for multiple World of Warcraft subscriptions. * Supports most popular add-ons found in the World of Warcraft Add-on database. * Works with all World of Warcraft Add-on versions. * You can also export your WoWus Download With Full Crack database, so you can easily import it into a new installation, or update your current installation in the future. * Supports all World of Warcraft install and update options. * Supports hot-swapping for add-on files. * Supports script file and Lua file add-ons. * Works with World of Warcraft clients based on the Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 operating system. * Has less than 2 Mb of system and resource footprint. * Has been tested and works with all other World of Warcraft add-ons installed. * Has been tested and works with all World of Warcraft clients. Features: This version is optimized for PCs that are running WoW Update 9.0. Adds-on are displayed and updated based on the version of the add-on that the client is actually running. When a new client is started, WoWus opens a minimized window and creates a temporary copy of the add-on file, then it installs this temporary copy and updates any add-ons that it finds in the WoW add-on database. This allows you to keep your database up-to-date even if your computer requires a restart. When an older client is started, a window is opened where the add-on is selected. If the add-on is not installed, it will be installed and installed up to version 1.0.1. Scanning and updating add-ons (both real and the temporary one) is much faster with the use of WoWus - it scans your WoW add-on folder and checks for updates that would require any of your installed add-ons to be updated. This is a huge time saver. Utilizes only system resources that are needed a5204a7ec7

- Keep your add-ons up-to-date automatically - Get notified automatically when add-ons need updating - Restore backups of an add-on or add-on package - Backup and restore add-on libraries - Install updates with a single click - Install options for managing and updating add-ons - Back-up and restore add-on libraries - Automatically open WoW after you’ve updated your add-ons - Back-up and restore your profiles WoWus Serial Key Features: - Keeping all of your add-ons and their versions up-to-date - Automatically checks for add-on updates when you log on - Watching for add-on update notifications (also displays a note when they are available to download) - Installing add-on updates automatically - Recording add-on add-ons, packages and profiles in a history - Installing add-on updates and restoring add-on add-ons, packages and profiles from a previous backup - Backing-up your add-ons, packages and profiles, and restoring it to its previous state - Choosing which add-ons you want to back-up - Managing your add-on versions by allocating add-ons to different categories - Installing add-on add-ons, packages and profiles from a list of archives - Installing multiple versions of the same add-on - Importing add-ons, packages and profiles from other add-on databases - Sharing add-ons with other WoWus users - Installing add-ons without the use of an active WoW account - Converting packages to add-ons and vice versa - Converting your add-on versions to the latest available version - Converting your add-on library from a multi-version to a single-version library - Converting your add-on library from a single-version to a multi-version library - Support for C++ and Perl add-ons - Support for add-ons needing to change their add-on databases on account creation - Support for accounts and add-ons that have been removed (useful for add-ons that need to revert to previous versions) - Support for accounts that have a different add-on database name (useful for add-ons that have a different add-on database name than the World of Warcraft add-on database) - Support for multi-version add-ons that


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